Bright Services

Our easy to use template packages include the cover and disc art, everything you need. We have also included our graphic specs check list on the right of the page to help you in the design.
CD Templates
DVD Templates
Misc. Templates
Graphic Specs
When sending your artwork to us for print; you will need to set you artwork up in a certain way. The things your artwork should have are below:
  • 300 dpi (ppi)
  • at least 1/8 inch bleed (this is the area of your artwork that will not be printed but is needed for trimming and printer drift.)
  • we prefer your artwork to be layered so if you have designed it with layers please retain these for print
  • we accept these file extensions: .PSD, .JPG, .EPS, .AI, .BMP, .PDF, .PNG, .GIF & .TIFF
  • Also note if you are sending us artwork that will be on a disc please do not knock out the artwork where the hole of the disc will be, and also we will need at least 1/8 inch bleed for print.